Featured Projects


KDSAP strategically targets undergraduate students early in their educational career to help address the current nephrology workforce crisis. The program also aims to provide health information and education to medically underserved community to raise their kidney disease awareness.

BoYo Afterschool Assistance for Needed Children

BoAi 博愛合唱團

BoAi Chorus is a volunteer organization with these goals: (1) to engage in public service; (2) to promote the musical arts through preparation, practice, and performance of choral music from around the world; (3) to create an atmosphere and opportunity for the enjoyment of music by members of the choir as well as the surrounding community; (4) to perform benefit concerts as well as other non-profit performances; and (5) to bring attention to the vibrancy and public spirit of the Chinese American community of the South San Francisco Bay Area.

SPARC 師北客合唱團

Gather music lovers together to sing beautifu songs; passing happiness of singing to people

師北客合唱團(SPARC)是由北加州師大校友、北一女校友、客家同鄉會合唱團三團體共同組成的. [師北客]每兩年舉行一次公演,每次都吸引近千人觀賞,希望藉由歌聲推廣音樂,也傳送歌唱藝術的美妙。師北客演出特點是融合古典與現代,並加入些創新,如特殊的舞台效果,以及融合舞蹈與戲劇,提供完整的視覺饗宴。

Schmahl Workshops

Our mission is to prepare children of all backgrounds for a future where science and technology will dominate virtually every industry and vocation. Our workshops enable students to explore and invent what inspires them, and to develop the skills needed to achieve success in all areas of their lives.